Kinda closed again?

LOL yeah, I feel that the need for like three different blogs is kinda silly, so again, go to my main blog for outfits and such:

New stuff

Went to do some shopping today. Ended up spending waaaay too much money :S

Hat, underwear, butterfly mirror(!), shirt and top. From H&M

Khaki t-shirt. I've started loooving khaki. I'm on the hunt for a semi-loose khaki longsleeve/onepiece. Tell me if you see one :-D

Cute and comfy top

Lightingbolt necklace from Glitter. Been looking for one of these for aaages. It made me wanna listen to Bowie AND Gaga, lol.

Earrings from Glitter

Earrings from Glitter

Earrings from Glitter

Stuff from Cubus. Foundation, nailpolish (YES KHAKI NAILPOLISH OMGGG) and a star necklace:

From Cubus as well. Tights and a light blue cardigan:

The correct color just don't wanna be picked up lol.

Skirt from BikBok

Skirt from BikBok. Two for 99,-

Skirt from BikBok. Two for 99,-

I got a package from Japan in the mail I have to pick up tomorrow too ^^

Yesterday's outfit

Had a Singstar party yesterday. Had sooo much fun! "You are GOLD!" lol

Scarf: BikBok,
Necklace: GUESS
Cardigan: H&M
Tank-top: Maison Gilfy
Belt: LinoSug
Tights: Music Legs
Boots: Jiggy



I've been busy being a low-life gamer these days, but today I dolled a bit up, so I ofc camwhored a bit LOL.


Icecoffe + Frida = True



shaddap I'm thinking


Cartoonies <3

Macho macho


Recent outfits!

Omg, I'm soooo lazy with updating. Sorry, I've been busy nerding 8DD!

Lol similar outfits.... but if you look closely you'll see they're different LOL


An outfit + new hair

Glasses. Voeux
Cardigan: Gladys
Top: -
Skirt: Deary
Garter belt: Leg Avenue
Over-knee socks: Body Line
(Tights: H&M)
Boots: Din Sko

Yeah, got it blonde :D however not the shade I wanted. So I'm going to dye it again sometime ^^

Going blonde

Yeah, I have to admit... As mentioned before, I believe one can be pale, have black hair and wear all black and still be 100% gyaru. But I have to admit that even so, you tend to give of a more gyaru-feel if your hair is light and you have a slight tan.

Sooo, my plans for now is trying to spend less money on clothes and try to prioritate my hair and getting a nice tan! I've always been wanting to tan, but never gotten to. We'll se though! I'm terribly bad at saving my money for other stuff than clothes and make-up XD


Anyway, tomorrow I'm planning to start bleaching my hair! Can't afford to go to a hair salon, so gotta do it myself. This time I'll try to be patient though, let my hair rest a bit before bleaching it again.

This is the colour I wish to get:

Bah, blurryness! It's 80 Blonde from Viva/Wella.
Not going platinum blonde, but ironically enough I almost have to go platinum to get this color xD

Dying schedule:

  • Monday - bleach
  • Wednesday - bleach
  • Friday - bleach, possibly dye instead
  • Sunday - bleach, if my hair isn't light enough
  • (Dye it one-two days after last bleach)

I'm experienced with bleaching my hair. I've bleached it from black to blonde four times before. I already know how expensive it is, I already know how much you kill your hair. Once I lost like half of my hair. No need to tell me ;) I got my hair treatments/conditioners ready! I'm ready to face the consequenses blablabla.

Yesterday's outfit

Beanie: Tralala
Scarf: BikBok
Necklace: GUESS
Hoodie: Dilga
Skirt: LB-03
Tights: H&M
Boots: Jiggy

Dunno why my hair ALWAYS looks so messy in photos, it was completely fine irl -_-!

Today's outfit

Meh, dark and blurry picture, sorry!
Hat: can't remember brand but bought at Ross
Necklace: GUESS
Longsleeve: Jiggy
Belt: Forever 21
Tights: Cubus
Shoes: Din Sko


All black gyaru

I got some mixed feedback on this outfit. Since noone seemed in the mood for constructive feedback, my guess is that it's either because some of them semed to have no clue about lolita and thought it looked lolita-esque (yes a few said they got a "lolita vibe" from it) AND/OR that it's all black.

I'm not gonna rant about people stuck in 2005 right now, I'm saving that for the eventual vlog, but I'm going to post a ton of all black or almost-all black gyaru outfits in this post just as an "Uhm, yeah gyarus can wear all black?".

Pictures from current issues of gyaru mags Jelly, Ageha and Egg:


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